Executive Producer Mark Warren
Produced by Tyler Chester
Mixed by Mike Harris at Signature Sound
Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound
Lyrics & Track Notes: Shoreline Album

Thanks be to Jesus for being my eternal savior and the sustaining grace I need each day. To Mark Warren for playing such a major role throughout my life. You continually pour into me and may I bless others as much as you have blessed me. This record was the funnest record I’ve done yet! Beyond grateful! To Tyler Chester who I respect and trust musically and relationally. You’re a deep well of wisdom to all who have the pleasure of working with you! To my dear friends and fellow songwriters Ian Gallagher, Ricky Andrade, Reeve Carney, Tyrone Wells, Tim Myers, Jay Buchanan, Aaron Spiro, and Wes Burdine. You’ve been so inspiring, thank you for sharing your beautiful songs with me! I’m humbled and honored to represent this catalogue of work, may your art live on! To Tim Devin for always being there since the beginning and also for envisioning and creating this album artwork. To Wordsplayed and Mike One, many thanks for sharing your skills. Had such a blast working with you! Thanks to all the musicians who played a part in making this happen: Daniel Lape, Tyler Carroll, Mark Suhonen, Chris Brown, Peace, Adisa Browning, Aaron Redfield, RJ Emerick, Moi Navarro, Emily Deems, Amy Surratt, Kenny Liles. To Darla Hawn I’m so honored to know you and love that it was you who picked out the order of the album. Thank you Rick Sybrandy for the photography and long standing friendship. Last and absolutely not least to my mother, wife and daughter for being my practical support team. I know this album has been a long process, thanks for shouldering it with me.